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Twisted Ice Cream Tri-Fold Brochure

Twisted Ice Cream
Tri-Fold Brochure


The design of the Twisted Ice Cream tri-fold brochure is made to show the menu offerings of the Twisted Ice Cream shop, a fictitious ice cream shop with a creative idea to twist any flavor together to create something new. This brochure’s design is readable, yet with a creative element that offers a fun and colorful design to represent the business culture.

The colors green and pink, used in the background of the brochure, offer contrast, however, the colors also give a sense of flavor to the brochure. The brochure contains proper use of alignment, and finally, imagery was used to completely drive the ice cream ideology into the reader’s mind. 

The Twisted Ice cream tri-fold brochure is successful in its font choice, functionality and aesthetics, as it offers an easily readable menu, as well as a colorful and fun design
that screams “ice cream!”

Final Brochure side 1
Final Brochure Side 2
Twisted Ice Cream Logo